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About Us

Vital Wellness was born in a primary care medical practice, Trinity Medical Associates, where it had become apparent that traditional guideline based medical care was resulting in most folks with chronic disease taking multiple medications yet continuing to gain weight, lose energy and develop serious complications. They were overweight and unhealthy feeling increasingly lost and overwhelmed.
At Vital Wellness, we realize that change is hard but with proper guidance can result in reversal of diseases like adult-onset diabetes, obesity, hypertension and mild cognitive impairment. Our wellness coaches, through both virtual one-on-one sessions and in-person groups, guide you toward health peace through the four pillars of wellness: nutrition, exercise, sleep and peace. More than disease free and off medication, we want you to become a disciplined steward of your body and mind --- the kind of person who is fulfilling your purpose and whom others see and want to follow starting their own journey to great health!

Meet the Team

Randy Pardue.png
Randy Pardue, M.D. 
Founder and CEO
Kyra Fowler, MSN, FNP
Health Coach
Jacki Rivero
Health Coach
Derek Morgan, CPT
General Manager
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