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Randy Pardue MD
Founder and CEO
Doctor of Medicine UT Health Science
Gooch Merit Scholar- UT Health Science Center
AOA Medical Honor Society 
Board Certified Family Physician
TN Primary Care Association Outstanding Practitioner of the Year
Co-founder of Trinity Medical Associates 
Randy Pardue.png
Dr. Randy Pardue is founder and CEO of Vital Wellness. A board certified Family Physician trained in Houston, TX, he arrived in Knoxville and co-founded Trinity Medical Associates in 1990.  

He saw so many folks who were overweight and unhealthy directly as a result of lifestyle. They felt lost and unable to make needed changes and piling on medications often made it worse. Knowing how hard it is to change these deadly behaviors, he realized that the primary care doctor could best serve patients by guiding them through change with the help of a team.

This approach was first introduced within Trinity Medical with medical nutrition therapy and as the need for intensive group programs, guided exercise and additional expertise became apparent, it grew into VitalSigns Wellness.

Dr. Pardue’s passion is to help his patients reverse disease and achieve health peace becoming disciplined stewards of their bodies and minds. 
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