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Next VitalLife Brain Health Session Starts April 30, 2024!

This 8-week workshop meets on Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm at Vital Wellness, 9965 Kingston Pike.
$950 per individual, $1500 per couple (contact us for the couples discount code). Includes weekly lectures led by Dr. Pardue, labs, personalized health coaching and access to group exercise.
Sign Up Today and begin your health transformation journey!

Why VitalLife Training?

Are you forgetting where you left your car keys more often?
Do you have those moments where you temporarily forget a friend’s name?
Have you been recently diagnosed with a chronic illness or struggling with one for a long time?
Are you just feeling tired and sluggish most days?
Is joint pain becoming unbearable?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and just want to improve your overall health?


Our VitalLife program is the answer to your questions about improving overall health
and wellness with special focus on reversing and/or preventing chronic illness with training and
coaching on our Four Pillars of Wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Peace, and Sleep.
Did you know that 1 in 2 American adults struggle with some form of chronic illness like
diabetes, dementia, heart disease, hypertension, and many others?  Did you also know that
80% of those chronic illnesses can be prevented and/or reversed according to this article and
many other studies?  Dr. Randy Pardue has spent more than 20 years studying the science
behind chronic illness prevention and reversal specifically assisting clients with best practices
on making the necessary lifestyle changes so they can think, feel, and live better lives free of
chronic illness.  Want to learn more and take your first steps to a better life?

How can VitalLife Help You?

Equip: Our in-person workshops are led by Dr. Randy Pardue who has spent over 20 years
researching and practicing the most effective ways to use functional wellness to prevent and
reverse chronic disease. Dr. Pardue will provide you with the most updated scientific and
practical information equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.
e: We will schedule blood work and capture other body composition data along with
personal health and lifestyle information through our on-boarding process to personalize
specific recommendations so you can prioritize the improvements that will have the biggest
impact on your quality of life.
Coach: You will have access to two coaching sessions with options for more if needed to
answer specific questions and help individually coach you forward in your journey to wellness.
Train: You will have access to group exercise classes to train best practices for physical exercise
that benefits the prevention / reversal of chronic disease. After the initial two months, there is an opportunity to extend your training to our six-month program, which includes VitalFIT classes and one-on-one coaching twice a month.

What chronic illnesses can be prevented and/or reversed?
Cognitive Health: Cognitive memory, attention span, processing, problem-solving, and other
cognitive skills to prevent/reverse early onset dementia.
Metabolic Health: Increased energy, fewer (or no) medicine
s. It is possible to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Other Chronic Illnesses: Most all chronic illnesses have a common denominator – what we put
into and do with our bodies matter and the standard American diet and to some extent even
our current medical system is making our problem worse.

How much does VitalLife cost and what’s included?
We prefer to think in terms of how much money VitalLife will save you. It was reported in
September, 2022, that a person with a chronic disease spends $6,032 annually in direct
healthcare costs

which is a fraction of the annual cost of managing a chronic illness.

VitalLife includes:
Weekly 2-hour workshops and videos on the Four Pillars of Wellness led by Dr. Randy Pardue;
Q&A opportunities with Dr. Randy Pardue;
The full cost of blood work which includes over 20 panel measurements;
Two InBody body composition scans;
Two 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions to review your lab work and scans;
Our VitalLife nutrition plan;
Our personalized recommendation summary specifically to help you address the lowest
hanging fruit first;
Access to our VitalFit group exercise classes which meet Monday through Saturday.

You will think, feel, and live better!

Take the first step towards
better health!

Interested but still have questions? No worries! Use the form below to get in touch today.

Get ready to think faster, focus better, remember more, and process more efficiently.

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