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Be a Disciplined Steward of Your Body and Mind

Begin your health transformation

Don't let chronic disease control your life.
Master and manage your health with Vital Wellness.
Chronic Pain
Uncontrolled Weight
Increased Medications
Memory Loss
High Health Costs
Loss of Daily Function
Attain and Maintain a Healthy Weight
Feel Strong, Fit, and Energetic
 Enjoy Sustainable Nutrition
Experience Health Peace
You were designed for Health Peace.
Are you dealing with a metabolic disease or neurodegenerative disease diagnosis, and left feeling lost and overwhelmed? At Vital Wellness, we guide you through a personalized health plan - integrating exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management - so that you can be a strong & energetic steward of your body and mind. 
After 6 months, our clients regularly: 
We understand how hard it is to change. 

Let us guide you to success.
A1C: Drop by an average of 6%, for example 12 down to 6
Medications: Discontinue an average of 3 medications
Weight Loss: An average of
18 lbs of fat loss, with many losing more than 50 lbs.

Our Programs


Getting started is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1:
Contact Us
Click Contact Us or call/Text 865-413-5733
Step 2: 
Schedule a consultation
Get a Personalized Health Plan
Step 3: 
Start Your Transformation
Get started on your plan to find health peace!
100% of people think that they already have what it takes to change their health and lives, but research says 95% of people can't sustain healthy behaviors on their own. We know it's hard to change, but our clients find success when they are held accountable to a step-by-step plan that is guaranteed to produce lasting results. Your investment of time and money now prevents the inevitable outcome of multiple medications, disabilities, and exorbitant health costs for the future. 
Our Clients: 
  • Experience Functional Daily Living
  • Attain and Maintain Healthy Weight
  • Have Freedom from Chronic Pain
  • Sustainable Nutrition
  • Age Gracefully
  • Become Competent and Independent Consumers of Healthcare
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