My wife and I were looking for healthier alternatives for meals and that’s exactly what we’ve found with VitalMeals! With the help of VitalMeals, we’ve branched out and discovered new foods that are now among our favorite meals to prepare.”  
~ John Carr

Enjoy Five-Star Low-Carb Meals 7-Days A Week!

★★★★★ Recipes – delicious, nutritious, and affordable

★★★★★ Value – plans as little as $5 per month

★★★★★ Service – menus and shopping lists delivered weekly to your inbox

★★★★★ Preparation Time – 30 minutes or less

★★★★★ Health Benefits – medically supervised to include the healthy food sources vital to prevent and reverse disease processes and maintain overall health and quality of life

How It Works

Each week you’ll receive 7 tasty low-carb, quick and easy to prepare, cost-conscious VitalMeals Plans with shopping lists reducing the time needed to plan, shop and prepare healthy low-carb meals.

A Taste Bud Explosion!

Incorporating a variety of meats, fish, poultry, spices and fruits and vegetables, you’ll learn how to eat healthier and beat the boredom of your regular dinner routine.

Look forward to embracing the seasons, different food preparation methods, and ethnic cuisines.

Start reaping the health benefits of this quick, easy, and cost-conscious lower-carb meal adventure!