VitalLaunch is a wellness education program dedicated to coaching participants through healthy behaviors for disease reversal, fitness, health, and peace.  Class meets three times a week, for 75 minutes for 8 weeks.  Each session is divided into 2 parts: group lecture/discussion and functional strengthening exercise.  The program includes 2 full rounds of bloodwork and biometric screening to monitor participants progress.

Who should attend:  Anyone struggling with OR wishing to avoid obesity, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes, high triglycerides, arthritis, gout, asthma, heart disease and other chronic health problems.

Cost is $499 (payable in installments).  Program fees are FSA and HSA eligible.  Contact us for more details.

Read How Others Have Been Successful

Stacey came to VitalSigns hoping to lose weight and help her husband manage his newly diagnosed Type II Diabetes. Stacey also learned she was pre-diabetic with an insulin level of 19.8 so she wanted to modify that risk factor, too.  Read Stacey’s story here.

John came to VitalSigns searching for a way to lose weight. He was an athlete in high school and remained an avid exerciser even when structured sports ended. John’s weight gain began in college and then, after college, he went into the restaurant business which only encouraged his poor eating habits. Despite exercise, he continued to gain weight for 30+ years.  Read John’s story here.