VitalSigns is who we are. VitalFIT is what we do. Our goal is to help individuals achieve whole person function for life through the prevention and reversal of disease as well as the preservation and enhancement of the whole person.

4 Pillars of the VitalFit Prescription
  • Nutrition – Teach a metabolic-corrective eating plan that minimizes carbohydrates, offers moderate protein and emphasizes high healthy fats
  • Exercise – Systematic and progressive approach that provides stability to the joints and reduces or prevents chronic pain.
  • Sleep – Prioritize healthy sleep by encouraging sleep hygiene and minimizing sleep-promoting medications
  • Peace – Intervene with a “challenge response” to stressors, cultivate a “growth mindset”, and coach reframing of stress associated with circumstances

The prescription-free approach to prevent and reverse chronic disease


This medically based, 10-week lifestyle, behavior change program provides the tools, education and support necessary to change destructive eating and lifestyle habits with safe, scientifically proven nutrition and fitness practices which can transform your life physically and mentally.  FIND OUT MORE


*  Video correction: We are now located in Hardin Valley at 2531 Willow Point Way, 865-249-7566.