An annual physical revealed that my triglycerides and bad cholesterol had inched up – again. This had become a pattern over the last 10 years – lose weight and regain it over time. I was tired of the pattern and going the route of medications was not an option I was willing to accept.   I joined VitalLaunch and  lost 25 pounds, lowered my triglycerides and cholesterol and sleep better.
58-year old male

My wake-up call came when I realized my Mom could keep up with my 3-year-old daughter easier than me. My knees hurt, I suffered from asthma and I was tired and out of breathe all of the time. My weight topped 200 pounds. I adopted VitalSigns medically based nutrition.  It changed my life. I lost 55 pounds, no longer need an inhaler, sleep better, and my B-12 deficiency has even disappeared. But most importantly, I have the tools for teaching my daughter how to eat healthier at a young age.
33-year old working mom

I dropped 2 pant sizes!

For years I suffered with fatigue.  The VitalLaunch program helped me to understand how what I eat  affects my blood sugar levels.  My fatigue has completely vanished and I am able to think clearly.  I wish this program had been available a long, long time ago.”
56-year old woman

I entered the program so that I could play with my grandchildren without running out of breath. I just returned home after an action-packed weekend with them!  Since taking advantage of VitalSigns programs, I have also been able to come off of my blood pressure medicine.
49-year-old elementary school principal

I have lost over 20 pounds in almost three months. VitalSigns has also allowed me to discontinue taking three medicines that I had taken for many years. I have a better understanding of what a healthy style of living looks like and will continue it because I feel so much better.

VitalSigns has improved my life with a better understanding of nutrition. I sleep sounder, I have gained physical strength in my upper and lower body, my stress levels are more manageable,  and most importantly my blood sugars are significantly down!


In 12-weeks, I have seen what I thought was impossible become a reality in my life. I am doing activities that I have not done in 20 years.  VitalSigns has taught and encouraged me to continue the new healthy habits I have developed, not just until I reach a certain mark on the scale, but for the rest of my life.
58-year-old cancer survivor

After 40 years of a sedentary lifestyle and avoiding exercise and physical exertion,  I wanted to change my lifestyle. VitalSigns worked one-on-one with me to design an exercise lifestyle that would improve my health.  Now exercise is a permanent part of my life.  VitalSigns  changed my life.

63-year-old participant with degenerative joint disease

VitalSigns has changed my way of thinking about exercise. I have a better understanding of what I need to be doing each day. The great thing is they have given me the knowledge and tools that I can carry with me anywhere and forever.
45-year-old busy wife and mother

I was overweight and having a hard time getting up out of a chair. I was having trouble with my shoulders and I had no energy. I started attending VitalSigns Silver Sneakers. After a lifestyle presentation on nutrition, I became interested in improving my diet and worked with VitalSigns to set some nutrition and fitness goals.  I lost 54 pounds and I feel much better!
Senior Citizen

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