Dr. Randy Pardue, MD
VitalSigns Medical Director
Author of the Wellness Doc Blog

Does high intensity interval training (HIIT) meet VitalSigns rigorous scientifically proven and tested standards?

Every day my practice of Family Medicine brings new stories of lost bodily function:

  • 42-year-old man is exhausted, losing muscle strength and gives up golf
  • 60-year-old grandmother can no longer play with her grandchildren
  • 80-year-old woman can’t stand without assistance

Our bodies break down from misuse or disuse.

How can we regain and maintain our strength and vitality?

Diet for sure, but the other often overlooked part of the equation is the adoption of an integrated exercise program that yes, includes HIIT.

Here are three Wellness Doc Blog posts where I share what I’ve discovered about HIIT:

Please start exercising today.

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