Dr. Pardue Speaker Bio

Randy T Pardue, MD, University of TN

 UT Health Science Center – Gooch Merit Scholar
Board Certified American Board of Family Practice, Advanced
TN Primary Care Assoc. Outstanding Practitioner of the Year
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Co-Founder Trinity Medical Associates
Chief Medical Officer/ Co-Founder VitalSigns
Author The Wellness Doc Blog

drpardueslideDr. Pardue is a practicing family physician with over 25 years experience in managing the health care of hundreds of patients. He was one of the first in the medical community to identify the effect lifestyle habits have on patient health and quality of life.

His growing concern over the high number and increasingly lower age of patients presenting with chronic diseases, along with the need to prescribe more and higher doses of medication to manage these medical conditions, led to a personal commitment to identifying new, scientifically proven methods to “prevent, delay and reverse the development of chronic diseases and transform how American physicians treat chronic disease.” In 2010, Dr. Pardue co-founded VitalSigns to support his new and transformative process for managing chronic disease.

VitalSigns is part of Trinity Medical Associates and offers a singularly unique, tightly integrated, 360° approach to managing the health and wellness of its members. At the center of each individual wellness plan is a physician. Individual wellness plans are based on current health status, monitored throughout program duration based on medically-directed milestones, and are based on scientifically proven methods for permanently changing the destructive habits behind many health-related diseases.

The VitalSigns physician-designed and directed approach to identifying and improving keystone lifestyle habits has resulted in the successful reversal of serious health-related conditions including metabolic syndrome/diabetes, elevated blood lipids, high blood pressure, as well as obesity and dramatic improvements in member energy levels, concentration and emotional health.

Dr. Pardue lectures on the specific topics of stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, brain training, and how small modifications in any of these areas can have a big impact on individual longevity and quality of life.