Winter Brain Session Coming Soon!

We're excited to be hosting our next VitalBRAIN training class this summer! This class is designed to help improve your memory, attention span, processing, problem-solving, and other cognitive skills.

But Why Brain Training?

Fact of the matter is the current population is experience an epidemic of early brain decline/dementia, with the most common case being Alzheimer's. Signs of brain decline include memory issues, confusion, mood or behavior changes, inability to care for oneself, and/or unable to do basic activities of daily living.


But there is good news! Our brains are "plastic." Not the kind of plastic you may be thinking of, but rather they can change and even grow with the right stimuli, even into old age. The brain scientists of the world refer to this as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the process of the brain creating new connections and even new neuron formations due to certain stimuli. Brain training promotes neuroplasticity by addressing various causes of brain decline.

What Does Brain Training Consist of?

In short, VitalSigns's VitalBrain course is a 2 month program that meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 PM to complete various brain stimulation exercises, discuss the 4 pillars of wellness in relation to brain health, complete some light-to-moderate physical exercise, and provide insight into overall brain health. There is also optional group activities such as visiting the Farmer's Market, taking walks at Lakeshore Park, and visiting the East Tennessee History Museum. We will also aim to build the sense of community by having a private Facebook group for updates, tips, other resources, success stories, and ongoing connection.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you complete a comprehensive lab evaluation, which is not built into the cost of program but may be paid for by insurance through your doctor or by visiting Dr. Pardue. This is recommended because it provides you with a starting point and is one of the first topics we will cover during th program.

After the two months, there will be an opportunity to extend your brain training to a full six month program, which includes VitalFIT classes and 1-on-1 coaching 2x a month.

How Do I Start?

Fill out the form below to let us know you're interested. Once received, we'll reach out to you to get you started and provide more information! Total cost for the brain training is $1000 for an individual or $1750 for a couple, but this does not include labs. However, as previously mentioned, labs may be paid for by your insurance via your doctor or a visit to Dr. Pardue, or if you prefer, you can have the labs done sans insurance through LabCorp. We can help you out with that!

Space is limited, so reach out today!

Take the first step towards
better brain health!

Use the form below to let us know you're interested in our next round of VitalBrain, and you'll get priority registration!

Get ready to think faster, focus better, remember more, and process more efficiently.

We're excited to brain train with you!

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