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Brain Peace Scholarship

If you are ready to take ownership of the health of your body and mind, apply for the Brain Peace scholarship today!

The Brain Peace scholarship will be awarded to one individual who will receive:
  • 6 months of continuing care from Dr. Pardue, including 3 consultations and by-weekly check-ins

  • Weekly check-ins with one of our coaches

  • Guidance in the 4 pillars of brain health- nutrition, exercise, sleep, and peace

  • 2 comprehensive metabolic and brain bloodwork assessments and lab reviews

  • Personalized supplemental regimen to address nutrient deficiencies

  • Group accountability and support

  • And much more!

    This scholarship includes products and services valued over $6,000, but we will be providing our highest level of care yet to an individual absolutely free.



Who is this scholarship for?

- Anyone who, at any age is either experiencing, or has a family history of cognitive decline. You will benefit from this program if you are seeking to prevent cognitive decline in the future


Will Dr. Pardue become my doctor?

- While you will work directly with Dr. Pardue, he will not replace or undermine your current PCP.


What is considered “cognitive decline”?

- Either a clinical diagnosis of MCI, family history of dementia or Alzheimers, or a subjective experience of brain fog, forgetting names, frequently losing wallets/keys etc... are all considered reasons to invest in Brain Training


What will I learn in this program?

- You are going to receive detailed, practical coaching in the four pillars of health: Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and peace.


What benefits should I expect to see in the program?

- While we cannot guarantee a reversal of present cognitive decline, many people have shown significant improvement on validated cognitive assessments. You can expect to see at least a subjective improvement, but we can guarantee a significant physical transformation, including fat loss and building muscle, and improvements in daily energy.

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