360 approach

360° Health and Wellness

Wellness is a journey, not a destination.


Guided by our Marks of Distinction, VitalSigns employs the most current scientific medical findings in nutrition and cutting-edge advancements in exercise science.

VitalSigns is managed by a professional medical team with advanced designations in their respective360 degres icon fields. This ensures high quality instruction, and a safe environment in which to improve your health.

We use a collaborative, 360° approach to your health and wellness. Our nutritionists, exercise specialists and counselors work in unison with each other and physicians to design, monitor and adjust a wellness plan based on your changing needs.  Our collaborative approach is focused first and foremost on you — understanding your individual needs and goals.  Then, acting as a trusted and caring advisor, we work with you to develop a safe and scientifically proven path forward.

For example, your personal physician might refer you to our VSLaunch program to address a chronic health problem like high triglycerides, obesity, fatigue, depression, anemia, pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Following completion of VSLaunch and a follow-up with your physician, you might opt for additional education and support to make sure your new and healthier ways of living have become habits, and join VSLaunch II.

The next step in your journey might be to join one of our group fitness classes, or maybe just visit our gym on a regular basis.

Or, maybe you are interested in joining our VS SilverSneakers program to improve your agility and balance and ward off accidental falls or injuries.

Following a VitalSigns Coffee Talk on the subject of how nutrition can affect all aspects of your life — including sleep and mental acuity — you might decide to consult with one of our nutritionists about adjusting your own diet.

Our nutritionist will review your medical records, or consult directly with your physician and develop a nutritional plan tailored to your current health status.

Later, you might join VitalMeals, our monthly meal plan, for a simple way to continue on the path of healthier eating.

Some of our members make health and wellness a family affair, and  introduce their children and tweens to our VS Kids programs.

Instilling healthy lifestyle habits in your children is a gift that goes on giving.

The combinations are endless, and the choices yours, but our highly trained, medically supervised staff is here to joyfully walk beside you, listen, and provide direction and emotional support along your continuous journey to maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Contact us today to begin your life-changing journey to improved health and wellness!