Pills“You know, life’s too short. I’m going to eat whatever I want and take this statin drug. That way I can enjoy life and keep my heart healthy.

Sadly, my friend had bought into the myth that cholesterol lowering drugs were the answer to a healthy heart. 10 years later, he was 40 pounds overweight and pre-diabetic and had fatty liver disease, high blood pressure and arthritic knees. To top it off he was severely fatigued and depressed. Was the statin preventing heart disease? Maybe, although that’s far from certain. What I know for sure is that he had allowed his health to deteriorate under the false assumption that wonder drugs would protect it. Doctors share the blame for this.

My aim with this blog is to correct misunderstandings, provide accurate information about overall health and responsible use of medications and discuss what the trainers, counselors, nutrition experts nurses and physicians of vital signs/Trinity medical are learning about true wellness. Hopefully, we will stimulate your mind and aggravate you if need be by challenging cherished beliefs and presenting cutting-edge information. Responses are welcome!

(Editor’s note: Now that our Wellness Doc has broken down what we mean when we say “Medically Based Wellness” we would love to know if you have any questions regarding what you have read or if there is a concern in your life, in line with this blog, that he might be able to address in a future post? Please keep in mind that we will not be diagnosing any medical issues you might be having through this blog but we do invite the opportunity to discuss health and wellness with you.)