Medically based wellness involves the pursuit of better health through lifestyle change and personal responsibility intimately connected to your medical care. One of the providers at VitalSigns who most exemplifies this is “the wellness nurse”.

This position is filled by an RN with a wellness specialization so that she can intelligently connect your current physical condition with your best approach to better health. She provides a needed bridge between the medical providers at Trinity and the programs of VitalSigns. When you visit the wellness nurse, she will review your medical record, if available, in order to get aquatinted with your general state of health, medications you take, chronic conditions etc…. She will then interview you in order to discover your own internal motives and abilities related to healthy living as well as external resources and barriers in your life which either empower or discourage your pursuit of better health. Considering these elements, she will help you come up with a workable plan whether it be a VitalSigns program, a workout at your local gym or even a home workout plan. She will also familiarize you with the VitalSigns facility at Hardin Valley and everything we offer there.

This position was founded and wonderfully carried out by Katie Ellis who is now taking care of her new baby boy. Our current wellness nurse is Terri Stewart already known by many as the co-developer of our core behavior change program, the leader of Silver Sneakers and soon to introduce cooking classes in Hardin Valley. She has personally lost 200 pounds and kept it off for over 5 years! That combined with extensive study and training has provided her with a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to truly change. Consider making an appointment with the Trinity/VitalSigns wellness nurse. You’ll be glad that you did!