Well we are already at the end of the 6th week and at the start of the 7th week. Again, it’s hard to believe how fast the time is flying by. While I would love to share some pictures from The Living Christmas Tree my phone crashed last night and I no longer have any pictures to share. 🙁 I confess I ate some bread last night over it too. I picked up a Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwhich with the bun (42 net carbs). I had a side salad w/1 tbsp of dressing (4 net carbs) and some cole slaw (16 net carbs). That one meal ended up being 62 carbs total. Not my proudest moment but I can live with it.

I didn’t stress over keeping track of my carbs or writing in my food journal this past week. I honestly had too much going on with The Living Christmas Tree to worry about it. Then I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day primarily on my own. So I kept my meals simple but did enjoy 1/2 of a twice baked potato at my friend’s house on Christmas Day. It was so good. 🙂

On Monday, I picked up a double quarter pounder with cheese and NO bun at McDonald’s after work.  I also ordered a side salad but they gave me french fries instead. So I figured it was a Christmas miracle from the Lord. Yea … He doesn’t work that way but I ate them anyway. They were fixed my favorite way which is hot, fresh and with lots of salt. Let me tell you … they didn’t taste nearly as good as I thought they would or as I had remembered them. I told a friend that sometimes you have to remember what it is you are forgetting. French fries no longer hold a special place in my heart nor are they anything I desire anymore. Yay!!!!

I had planned to go to the gym at some point this week too but ended up being horribly run down, worn out and sick from The Living Christmas Tree. I plan to get back with it this coming week even though I’ll be out of town. My parents’ apartment complex as a little workout center and I plan to hit it up while I’m there. I’m ready to get back on a routine again as far as my eating goes. Even though I’ll be with my family for the next 5 days I think I can stay strong. I mean I’m 7 weeks into it … I know it’s working and I feel so much better.

You may be wondering if I gained or maintained this week seeing how I haven’t exactly kept up with my carbs? Well … I actually lost another pound bringing my total to 14 lbs lost in 6 weeks! I’m good with that. 🙂 I don’t expect to see the weight to continue to come off if I have another week like this last one but I’m thankful to know that that one or two off days won’t sabotage me like they would have before. Also, I realize that if I had a day like this earlier in the challenge then it probably would have ruined me. I’m thankful that I don’t have any “cheat” days because if I did then I would cheat my way back into those 14lbs plus a few more without giving it a second thought. So if you considering adopting a low carb lifestyle for this new year then let me encourage you to go in with the mindset of succeeding no matter what … no cheat days … no excuses. You need to be die hard about it and plan well. I promise you won’t regret it and when you do get to have that special occasion cookie you know it won’t ruin your hard work. And chances are it won’t taste as good as you remember anyway.

I hope you have a blessed weekend!! Please pray for me as I travel. It will be my first road trip since starting this journey and I’ve got to plan accordingly … almonds, peanut butter and cheese sticks will be my friend on the drive as well as lots of water!!!

Happy Trails my friends …

– Melody