For the next few weeks, I’ll be discussing the merits of “medically based wellness“. It’s the core of VitalSigns vision and worth spending some time explaining. What does a medical provider bring to the table? What makes VitalSigns’ methodology so powerful to bring lasting change for better health? One big piece is scientific knowledge of the body and its function. Our understanding of physiology, biochemistry and other fields provides the particular knowledge needed to prevent and reverse disease by addressing root causes. With this knowledge we are able to consider wellness tools and trends from a scientific perspective.

For example, we have been fascinated by the recent studies showing the benefit and efficiency of high intensity exercise training for disease prevention and are now looking for the best ways to incorporate it into our programs. On the other hand, we have gone against the grain of traditional medicine for the last 20 years in recommending significant carbohydrate restriction for weight loss and the reversal of diabetes. This diet philosophy is based on a solid understanding of metabolism especially as it is affected by hormones like insulin. It has been gratifying to see the scientific community increasingly come to validate and share this point of view and brilliant authors like Gary Taubes disseminate it to the public.

We are also able to help folks navigate the tremendous amount of information currently available about wellness. While the internet is a wonderful research tool, it is also full of half-truths and outright self-serving lies. We enjoy helping those we care for sort out the good from the bad. In this regard, we love to recommend and discuss books and articles. Learning new information and trying it out on ourselves and in our programs is fun, refreshing and motivating. I will soon be including book reviews as part of this blog. I hope readers will respond with their own suggestions and critiques. We also welcome questions and will do our best to provide thoughtful answers.