I’m sorry I didn’t get to post my grocery list yesterday. I forgot my Kroger receipt and then today I couldn’t find my Walmart receipt! However, I was able to remember what I bought there but I don’t know what the prices were. I feel good about the purchases I made. You might notice that there isn’t any meat listed. I had a bag and 1/2 of Tyson grilled chicken breasts in my freezer. I’m eating that first!! You’ll also notice that a can of almonds cost $2.99 which isn’t too expensive but still not some thing I just want to throw away or rather I should say “roll away”.

Ok so picture with me, if you will, it’s last Thursday night. You just return to your apartment for the first time all day and it’s 11pm at night. You’ve been to the grocery store and your mind says that you really need to take 3 trips to unload the groceries. However, you heart says you’re tired and you can get it all in 2 trips besides you just spied a HUGE reusable bag in your car that will help as well. So you pack it all in. Have your keys and diet coke in one hand then all the groceries plus your purse on the other. You start walking towards the front door of your building. As you walk across the wooden walkway and prepare to take the 4 steps down to the door you realize something falls out of one of your bags. It’s the can of toasted coconut almonds. You freeze and watch it roll.down.all.four.stairs! You realize you are holding your breath because it could roll off the walkway on the ground below which is about 10 feet down. Much to your dismay it does indeed roll over the balcony. Dejected you go to take your first step down and the next thing you know you are sitting on your backside on the bottom step. Your diet coke is still upright but you are completely thrown for a loop. You pause over the relief that no one is around only to realize your neighbor is jumping out of his car to check on you. After assuring him you are fine (even though your bum and everything is stinging) he leaves you alone all the while knowing the real reason for kindly rejecting his offer of help is because you have almonds to retrieve and you don’t want him seeing that can of deliciousness in case he were to grab it for himself! I mean they cost $3! $3!!! So after you make 3 trips back and forth, up and down the stairs you grab your mace and your phone. You then proceed to climb down the hill retrieve your precious almonds, clutch them tightly to your chest, climb back up the hill, head into your apartment and call it a night. =)

Below is my grocery list. I hope it helps. I’ll share more this week about what I’ve been eating and how it’s going.

Blessings …

– Melody

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