Ok … so Thursday night was the great grocery shopping trip. If you remember, I was planning to keep it to $75-90 but I ended up spending $40 more than I had planned. Way to go Melody on the picking a budget and sticking to it … not!!! I started to panic. I could feel the heat rising up my neck and with each new item being scanned my heart would beat a little faster.

I kept thinking, “How could I have been so off on my math? Well, hello, you are awful at math. Duh! But seriously, can I afford this? Lord? Lord, what am I going to do? Can you help me make ends meet?

And as soon as I uttered that prayer in the checkout lane at Kroger I had an instant peace and the Lord quieted my soul with this one thought, “Melody, you won’t be eating out. This is your entire food supply for the next two weeks and then some. It’s ok.

I still had some doubts but I relaxed because I knew I had done well in the picking items that would last me. Now I should mention that I didn’t make it to Kroger until 9:30 and spent an hour and 20 minutes looking over everything. I felt like Santa Claus, I had made my list and I checked it twice.  I was good to go and I was going to start it all on Friday no matter what.  I kept to my plan and it has gone much better than I anticipated. I thought this would be hard but I honestly believe the Lord is honoring the prayers of my family and friends. I can’t wait to share in detail what I bought yesterday. I feel like I am off to a great start.

You might be thinking “Well, she’s already failed the first litmus test for this challenge – eating healthy on a budget. Hello, she spent around $130 on her grocery bill!” Well I have a confession; I also went to Walmart on Saturday and spent an additional $40 bringing my total to a $170. Remember the part where I said the Lord told me it was ok and I still had some doubts? I decided to look at how much I spent in the month of September and October on eating out. Now this does not include groceries but merely grabbing a quick bite here, a coffee there and picking up a snack at the Café on the campus at work. I then looked at what I actually spent on groceries. Here are the numbers …

September: $251.56 (eating out) + $102.83 (groceries) = $354.39

October: $283.51 (eating out) + $90.79 (groceries) = $374.30

Anybody else feeling a little nauseated at those numbers?!  Keep in mind,  I was also picking items off the “dollar menus” at various places too.  Now, I might not be able to cut that bill in half just yet but my goal is to at least trim away at least a 1/3. So what did I buy? Well … you’ll have to check back here tomorrow. And … I’ll share how a can of almonds left me with a bruised backside!!

Blessings …

– Melody