The What: A 90 day challenge implementing Trinity and VitalSigns’ low carb eating and corrective exercising plan.

The When and Where:  I’m officially starting this Friday, November 15th!! I have my first wellness appointment tomorrow morning at Trinity with Kristin (one of four wellness counselors) to look at eating healthy and so much more that I’ll share after our meeting. On Thursday, I’ll head to the grocery store after figuring out what my budget will be for groceries and will start counting carbs on Friday. Then in a week or so I’ll make my way to the VitalSigns gym and speak with Terri, our wellness nurse, and figure out a workout plan that will maximize the results of counting carbs. It’s been advised to give my body a little time to adjust to the new way of eating.

The Why: You may be wondering why now? Well it’s really quite simple … yesterday marked 90 days until my 30th birthday! It’s funny how an upcoming birthday can suddenly find you in a state of reflection.  Like I said in the previous post, I am not a petite person and I’ve dealt with my weight for years. I have shopped in the women’s section of the clothing stores since my sophomore year of High School. I tried Dexatrim and Metabolife but that was just not for me, plus my parents weren’t thrilled with me taking dieting pills … even responsibly. I was willing to try “The Cabbage Soup Diet” but that was before I learned to cook and was mortified at the thought of carrying that to school every day. Who knows maybe I would have been better off if the Lord had given me some sort of athletic ability rather than a passion for music? I tried to find some sense of athleticism when I was 13 years old by playing basketball in our church league but until they come out with a movie of Gumby making into the NBA then I’ll stay off the basketball court!  In my 20s, I tried a few rounds of Weight Watchers and LA Weightloss. It worked for a while but the weight came bouncing back with a vengeance and it was expensive!

I’ve used so many excuses as to why I have struggled to lose weight and keep it off. I’ve hidden behind diagnoses of fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome as reasons for why I am unable to work out. And while I will certainly have to consider those issues, I am not going to allow it to hold me back any longer.  I have diabetes on my dad’s side of the family, hypertension on my mom’s side and both sides have a history of heart disease.  I have the excuses as to why I can’t do this challenge. I have the reasons for why I should do this challenge. Yet, I now have the motivation and desire to be better in my 30s than I was in my 20s. Therefore instead of focusing on why I can’t I am going to show myself that I can! Step one starts tomorrow and I can’t wait to share it with you. Are you ready? I know I am!!

Let’s get this challenge started!!!

– Melody