Here’s the who of the who, what, when, where and why

Who Am I? – As mentioned in the previous post my name is Melody Mullins. I am 29 years old, single and an employee at Trinity Medical Associates.  I have lived in Tennessee my whole life but have spent half of it in West TN and the other half here in East TN. I am a Southern Baptist pastor’s daughter and every joke you have heard about Baptists and food is true. =)  I do not know of a single church function that did not have food involved. Even on Sundays someone was bringing donuts or muffins to Sunday School!! There is food for every occasion. My family in West TN now fondly calls the plethora of food provided for a funeral the “bereavement buffet”.

I am not going to lie the food these church members provide is good and nothing seems to offer comfort quite like homemade banana pudding. Southern culture calls for food. However, many of us have adopted an attitude of “we live to eat” rather than “we eat to live”. There are many people in our society who are fighting a serious addiction to food. Thankfully, I can say that I am not addicted to food; however, I do believe I have a tendency to emotionally eat. Recognizing those triggers that point me to food will be a key to breaking this horrible habit.

Being on my own, my financial resources are limited and I am actively involved in my church. It is easy and fairly affordable to just grab dinner at a fast food restaurant while heading from home to work, from work to church and vice versa. While eating like this has been affordable, gaining weight and having to buy clothes to fit the increase is not affordable! And that easy weight gain has proved to be difficult to lose. Funny how that works! This has not happened overnight. It has been a process of yo-yo dieting, losing 10-15 pounds here and gaining 20 pounds back for at least 13 years. I have never been and will never be a petite person. Once I released that image from my mind I have been able to accept that healthy is not determined by a clothing size or certain section in the department store. I am 5’6” and big boned (not an excuse but a reality) so I am finding out what healthy looks like, feels like and really is for Melody. And I am happy to share this process with you.

In the next couple of days we’ll dive into the what, when, where and why of this journey!

Thanks for joining me …

– Melody