Well friends, I discovered another emotional eating trigger for myself. FRUSTRATION! Monday night, as I headed to my car after work I noticed my right front tire was low. Sadly, this is not an unusual occurrence but I thought “I’ll deal with it later.” Well I climbed into my car and saw a note on my windshield. A kind person wanted to make sure I knew my tire was low. The handwriting looked masculine so I thought I better check that tire out. Sure enough it wasn’t even measuring on the tire gauge. A coworker had a portable air pump with her and we got my tire inflated enough to drive it over to a gas station. I assumed that it must be the cold weather (you may read this as “Melody’s in denial that she needs to get a new tire.“). This took me about 40 minutes over all to deal with and it was cold outside. I was hungry and the last thing I wanted to do was go cook myself some dinner. I was going to need to stop by Walmart and grab a few ingredients for the recipe anyway. Let me tell you that was the last thing I wanted to do. I thought, “Can I, please, just stop in a drive thru somewhere (really just Taco Bell) and pick dinner up and call it a day?”

At that moment I had this strong desire to eat and it was bordering on an urgent need to get something to eat right then. I was surprised by the intensity of this feeling but I quickly realized that I wasn’t hungry at all. I was frustrated. I wanted to feed my frustration. (Insert an imaginary palm to forehead here.) Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t mind feeding my feelings if those same feelings would get up and work the calories off. However, those feelings that I feed just sit there after being “satisfied” and leave me feeling disgusted with myself. I don’t know about you but that does not work for me at all!

In the midst of that moment of “I just want to eat, who cares what it is?” I remembered that one of the doctors passed me on his way out of the office and asked me what I was going to eat. I told him I was thinking of making “Cauliflower Bisque.” He said that sounded good and bid me goodnight. So as I was making the decision of driving home or going to Walmart I knew I had to go to Walmart. I had told the doctor what I was having and he might ask me about it the next day. I wanted to be able to tell him the truth and be proud of the answer! The Lord graciously provided for me an avenue in which to be accountable. He is so faithful to meet even that need!

It was 8:30pm before I sat down to the dinner but it was so good! I made the soup and was satisfied. I enjoyed the leftovers last night. I am so thankful to have recognized another trigger and to see that with the Lord’s help I can overcome that desire to eat. I want what I put in my mouth to eat to benefit my body which means I have to think through my decisions. I also am now making a point to eat at my dinner table. If I eat in front of the TV then I’ll continue eating even when I’m full because I’m distracted and do not recognize that I have had enough.

So friends as we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday whether you are surrounded by loved ones and friends or you are your own do yourself a favor and set the table! Enjoy your meal but recognize when you are full and stop eating. You will feel better for it and will have time to enjoy the leftovers a little later.

Speaking of leftovers, I heard on KLOVE that the FDA’s recommendations on leftovers are to throw them out after 4 days because the food is no longer safe for consumption. Also for those who like to leave the Thanksgiving meal sitting out for grazing purposes … well after 2 hours it needs to be thrown out as well. Sorry folks.

I’ll share my Thanksgiving meal with you tomorrow!!

Blessings …

– Melody

PS: Just for fun … mine has already been set back 4.4 lbs the lowcarb way!! Whoo hoo!!!