This week, I’ll discuss what is perhaps my favorite part of “medically based wellness” and that is team learning. We are blessed with a wonderful wellness team at Trinity/VitalSigns from the medical providers, several of whom are also nutritional counselors, to our trainers and managers at the facility in Hardin Valley and in the companies with whom we partner. But what sets it apart is more than teamwork. I’ll call it “team learning“. Allow me to explain. Our goal to replace the pill first therapeutic culture of modern medicine with a true emphasis on behavior change is admittedly an uphill battle. Motivated to help people lead healthier, more productive and joyful lives free from addictions and expensive, side effect producing, demotivating boatloads of pills, we have aggressively pursued the latest knowledge about exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep and the creative application of this knowledge to lifelong healthy behaviors.

Each team member brings different opinions, interests, experience, training and responsibility and therefore makes a unique contribution to the progress of the whole. This requires the humility to give up or at least subject to scrutiny a cherished idea or at other times vigorously defending what one knows to be true [while remaining humble 🙂] it also requires going to conferences, reading books, blogs and journals and listening to podcasts and refining everything as we apply what we learn and closely follow outcomes. On top of that we constantly apply these lessons to ourselves being unwilling to teach something that we will not or cannot do. We are learning from, challenging and stimulating each other such that our collective WQ (wellness quotient…. sorry) is far higher than the average of individual WQ’s. Fostering a revolution in healthcare is challenging and often overwhelming but growing and learning together with this team makes it an absolute joy!