luggageOne of the great challenges of travel is a tendency to lower standards when out of our routine. We decide it’s just too hard to make good decisions and give up until returning home. The more we travel the more of a problem this becomes. The solution to this is planning ahead. If you anticipate challenges and make plans to handle them, a healthy trip is far more likely. What kind of restaurants will you go to? What kind of meals or snacks will the conference make available? Does processed carbs, sodas and coffee sound familiar? What about breakfast, lunch or late night? Plan ahead for challenges and commit to your plan.

Planning to exercise is also crucial. One key for me is variety. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Boston so I took a trolley to Copley Square. After enjoying the outdoor market, Trinity Church and the fabulous public Bostonlibrary, I ran back to South Harbor. This turned into an adventure when my phone (GPS) died  and I became temporarily lost. Seeing other parts of town made it all the more fun! A stationary bike ride and weight circuit in the hotel gym was good for another day. It’s amazing how empty hotel fitness centers can be. This hotel also had a 25 yard single lane pool which was great for a high intensity interval workout. (See earlier posts) If you are limited in time, a 20 minute HIIT workout is all you need and swimming may be the best way to do it. Finally, my wife brought DVD’s and worked out in the room. Variety keeps it interesting. Combine seeing the city with exercise. Plan to exercise every day even if you only have 30 minutes. You’ll feel better, your brain will work better and the time will be redeemed!