Me 2Sometimes you just need a slap in the face … figuratively speaking (only!) to remind you why you are working to get healthy because let’s face it if you are doing it simply to feel pretty then it’s easy to let that slide … well it is for me. However, if I know that I’m working towards something in order to prevent a more dangerous outcome down the road then I can push a little further and if vanity can get in the way in the process then it’s even better. Does it seem like I’m rambling? Let me explain …

A week ago last Friday, I had my yearly physical at Trinity with the wonderful Dr. Urbano. I arranged to have this appointment before heading out of town to the other side of the state to celebrate my maternal grandmother’s 80th birthday that weekend. Like all good patients should do 🙂 I had my fasting labs drawn four days prior in order to have the results in time for my appointment. I knew I had gained some weight because the scale doesn’t lie and I had seen some emotional eating habits resurfacing in the last two months. I had no idea what my labs would show. Even though I had gained some weight it wasn’t like I was showering myself in spaghetti and other high carb no-nos I was just eating more than I needed while not watching my portion sizes. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my fasting glucose had finally moved out of the pre-diabetes range into normal. It’s still on the high end of normal but it had dropped 10 points since February! My bad cholesterol had gone down as well and my good cholesterol was up a few too. However, my Hemoglobin A1C was still elevated. So Dr. Urbano had my fasting insulin results ordered and while it has gone down by 3 points it is still way too high. I am still in the pre-diabetes range there. Y’all I do not want diabetes!

To get my fasting insulin level to where Dr. Urbano would like to see it … where it is safe for me … will mean dropping it by 15 points. I’ve got some serious work ahead of me. I know what I need to do but why is it so much harder this time around? I wish I could do a factory reset on my brain, wipe the slate clean and start fresh on what I know about carbs. But I can’t so that’s were vanity comes in … ha. When IMG_20140828_131059people tell you that “you look pretty” or “you are the cutest thing ever” it encourages you and I use that as an excuse that I am fine just the way I am. What they don’t know is that my body is on a dangerous track towards slowly killing itself all while looking good in the process. I may “carry my weight well” but what good does that do me if carries me to my grave too soon? Thankfully, I have the ammunition to motivate me to push forward … pictures from my grandmother’s birthday party. I thought I was looking really good and then I saw some full body shots! It’s amazing how quickly that little bubble was burst for me. They will prove to be the perfect before pictures as I go hardcore for the next 8 weeks. Dr. Urbano said I would need to stick to 40-60 carbs a day for a while. I’m actually trying to eating less than 30 this week just to jump start my system. Next week I’ll stick to 30-40 a day and add the exercise.

It’s time to get serious. I only have one life, one body and one chance to experience all that God has in store for me. It’s time to get with it!

Thanks for walking with me!

Love you all!

– Melody