For many, the excitement surrounding genetic testing for predicting and thus preventing disease has reached a fever pitch. Unfortunately, such misplaced faith in medical science is sure to bring disappointment similar to the failed promise of most modern medicines. Sure, we occasionally see major breakthroughs like insulin for Type 1 Diabetes or penicillin for serious infections, but most of our medical “advances” perpetuate the myth that chronic diseases will be cured by a pill and distract from what must really be done. The same applies to genetic testing. Having a good friend and many patients with Parkinson’s disease, I hope we are eventually able to detect the tendency and give therapy for prevention. That would be a tremendous blessing and may be possible in the future for a number of similar diseases. However, as I’ve said repeatedly, our most common chronic diseases are rooted in toxic lifestyles, and we know that most of us are susceptible. Relying on genetic testing to predict and prevent conditions like diabetes, heart disease and stroke is similar to our misplaced trust in statin drugs which I’ve previously discussed at length. Having gotten that off my chest, I’m now ready to discuss a few of the tests which show promise but as always want to keep the spotlight where it belongs – on healthy lifestyles focused on love of God and neighbor with thankful hearts, healthy whole foods, vigorous and varied daily activity, restorative meditation and sound sleep. If we keep the right perspective, scientific advances in medicine truly can be a good thing! Stay tuned.