Well Friends …


WOW 1AWeek 1 is in the books and I actually worked out 3xs!!! I haven’t done that since … well … never! 😉


I would love to tell you if I had lost any weight but my scale is dead. I’ve got to replace the battery. And I’m telling the honest truth. I would have been surprised if I had lost any weight just because switching back to 40 carbs or less has been a little more difficult this time around. I’ve got to be really disciplined about it. I need to be more diligent about taking my lunches to work with me, having quick breakfast options and a few low carb sweet snack options … then I should be good to go.


So the workouts … I did my workouts on Tuesday, Sunday and Monday. I had planned to do them Thursday and Saturday but ended up not feeling well. It’s funny the excuses we can come up with to not do something but since I knew I would have to report back to you I had to get the workouts in. After watching week 1 I knew what to do so I just grabbed my worksheet, turned on the TV and worked out while watching a 30min episode of one of my favorite reruns.


I am happy to report that I noticed some improvement in my pushups and bodyweight squats. Planks are still evil. 🙂 This week I move on to week 2 and I hope to possibly implement one more workout however if I’m consistent with 3 workouts and eating 40 carbs or less then I’ll count it as a successful week.


Hope y’all have a great day!!!


– Melody