The truth is that this time around has been so much harder.  The first time I took on the low carb challenge I had the support of so many because I was working at Trinity and my coworkers were like my personal cheerleaders. Patients were even letting me know that they were cheering me on. This time around I am pretty much on my own and it’s difficult.

Last week, I let the same old excuses keep me from doing what I needed to do. I had a fibromyalgia flare up. I had a migraine. I was exhausted. I didn’t really have what I needed grocery wise to help keep me on track. So do I give up now? No! Instead, I am going to start fresh. I am going to go back and do week 1 over. I’m going to watch the nutritional videos in addition to doing the workouts. I will go grocery shopping this weekend in order to guarantee my success next week and I’ll get that special battery for my scale.

Friends … please tell me what it is that keeps you motivated? What are your go to low carb snacks?

Here’s to a successful week and fresh starts!!

– Melody