The standard modes of fitness training for years have been either one-on-one personal training or group training. The advantages of personal training include an individualized plan and careful attention by the trainer to factors like form, effort and progress. If progress is not being made, the plan can be modified. Group training exists at every gym and includes classes like spin, Zumba, yoga and body pump. The advantage is low cost due to numerous participants. Many gyms offer these classes as part of a monthly package. At VitalSigns, we offer both personal and group training but have become passionate about a hybrid of the two: small group personal training. This is usually a group of 4-8 people who desire the supervision and relationship with a trainer found in personal training but the lower cost of group training. We are finding however that the benefits go beyond low cost. A cohesive group provides accountability for showing up and working hard and makes the workout more fun. When I workout with a small group my natural competitiveness emerges and I push myself harder. Groups develop a camaraderie in which they both tease and encourage one another during workouts and often plan social events outside of the gym. Several VitalSigns groups have done road races together and a long term group recently went on a whitewater rafting expedition. An excellent trainer can get to know and keep an eye on everyone and can monitor progress with the help of workout journals and heart rate monitors. Our desire is to become experts at small group personal training, and just as with everything else we are learning, the process is a blast!