VitalSigns is a branch of Trinity Medical Associates and is also Trinity’s corporate wellness provider. Disease prevention and reversal is our primary mission. The following is a testimony from one of our Trinity employees which illustrates the kind of success that we see on a regular basis.
“After participating in biometrics at my office and finding abnormal numbers in my blood work indicating type 2 diabetes, I knew that I was headed for a future of many medicines and insulin. It was a wake up call to me. I did not want that for the rest of my life! So my journey began……I thought I knew what a healthy lifestyle was but through the nutritional counseling at VitalSigns, I became empowered! On my first visit, I was given a few steps to take and I did it. My second visit, I gained more knowledge and it became my passion. It has been 3 months and I am a totally different person. I am down 51 pounds, my glucose is now normal, and I am feeling better that I ever have in my life. I am down 7 pants sizes and I am still going! My family is leading a healthy lifestyle too because they are amazed at the changes in me. This has become my lifestyle now. What a blessing VitalSigns has been to me and will continue to be to others.”

We give thanks every day for the joy of helping people get healthier in mind, body and spirit.