WOW 1WORKOUTSOk folks I did it! Day 1 of week 1 and the workout is completed. It sure does feel good. I followed everything to the letter but I didn’t notice that it called for a 5 min cardio during the warm-ups. While I had originally planned to start yesterday I thought about my schedule and realized that it would work better for me Tues/Thurs/Sat. I can then add in a walk on Mon/Wed/Fri when I have time.

I look forward to seeing improvements on my pushups and planks. Let me just tell you … planks aren’t as simple as they look. They are awful!! 🙂 But I did what I could. I’ll admit I felt funny walking/running I place for 5 minutes so I closed the blinds and ignored myself. And I’ll just go ahead and tell you that I did the modified versions of all the exercises.

MEATLOAFWhile I was working out I had dinner cooking. I love meatloaf but I haven’t had it in forever. So I found a low carb recipe for meatloaf and I am happy to say that bread crumbs have nothing to do with the flavor of this dish. Cheese was use instead. I enjoyed a slice and a 1/2 for carbs total. I enjoyed a salad with some chopped tomato, hard boiled egg, cheese and ranch dressing – 6 carbs total.DINNER

Thankfully, I’ll have plenty to eat on for the rest of this week. Check out the recipe blog if you’d like the recipe for the meatloaf. Well day 1 is done and is sure does feel good!! 🙂