As I mentioned on Friday, the physicians and trainers of VitalSigns are in the process of refining an overall philosophy of training. Our goal is to consistently achieve disease prevention and reversal as well as lifelong functional wellness. We place a high premium on safety as we consider our vow to “first do no harm”. Attention to safety does not slide4however preclude levels of challenge which stimulate progressive adaptations in muscles, bones, blood vessels, hearts, lungs, brains, mitochondria etc…. We prevent injury when we combine our knowledge of how the body is put together with an ability to assess current weaknesses, imbalances, instability and prior injury or inflammation. We then institute a program which starts with “stabilization” with an emphasis on coordination and muscular endurance. This provides a base to safely move to strength and ultimately power training. Each of these steps requires the eye of a well trained fitness professional for maximum safety and benefit. The trainers coach a client through continual progression in variables like weight, speed, reps and sets. Correct form with each exercise improves results and greatly increases safety. Aerobic and anaerobic HIIT training are incorporated based on the latest science. Benefits result in reduced incidence of disease and improved function for life. Will say more about specific benefits on Wednesday.