IMG_20140828_131059Ok … so if you followed any of my journey from this past year ( November 2013 till now) with losing weight you’ll know that I struggled to get the exercise in like I needed to. Why?

1. Because I don’t like to exercise. There you go. Is that clear enough? 🙂 Being the nonathletic, non-competitive loving child in my family, I stopped being active at an early age. I hated losing. It was embarrassing to lose to my brother all the time at everything sports related even when he would give me a 9 point lead in a 10 point game and promise that he wasn’t going to cheat in order to win … which he always did! For a few years I had it good when my sister, who is 6 years younger, couldn’t run as fast as I could or something like that but once I saw that she was showing potential on the basketball court big sis stopped playing with her. I mean, I’ll never forget beating her at air hockey, ok … air hockey … and having her cry out “I can’t lose to you!” 🙂 It was a known fact that I would lose. So I stopped playing … I stopped participating. On Wednesday nights if the youth group was going to play kickball or volleyball then I found some excuse to help with the children’s ministry. I didn’t want to be the slowest runner or the worst server. I eventually got over it when I discovered I was fairly good at street hockey. I was at least good at blocking pucks. And for once in my life I could make strong competitors mad because they couldn’t get to the goalie or even the goal for that matter! But because I was a defender I didn’t have to be on the move much and again it was just a few summer nights in our church gym that we would play. It sure was fun though. And now I see it as a form of encouragement to allow other people to win! 😉

2. I don’t know what I’m doing. Because of that above … I feel silly whenever I try to exercise. I feel like people are watching me and thinking horrible things about me. Stuff like “Look at the fat girl trying to run.” “A few minutes on the treadmill isn’t going to make any difference for her.” “Wow, she’s been on the elliptical for all of 5 mins and she’s already out of breath?” “Do you think she knows what she looks like when she’s ‘working out‘?” Now, I realize that not everyone is this hateful and most people are more focused on their own exercises to notice what I am doing but those are the thoughts I have. Besides, my plan was to always get the bulk of my weight off and then go to the gym to work on getting everything fit. Doesn’t that make sense?! One good thing I did find at VitalSigns was the fact that there weren’t a lot of people there most nights when I could go and everyone who was there was focused on being healthy not “looking good”. It’s not a meat market. Ha! While VitalSigns has some wonderful trainers available the work schedule I had didn’t allow me to take advantage of their services. So when I would go to the gym I would just do the elliptical, the bicycles or the treadmill for 30 mins and call it quits. I knew that wasn’t enough but it was more than what I had been doing! I do love to walk but I knew I needed more but didn’t want to risk hurting myself or looking stupid so I guess that was my only option … right?IMG_20140828_130919

WRONG!! Once again, VitalSigns and Trinity Medical Associates as come to my rescue … enter VitalSigns LIVE! What is VitalSigns LIVE? It’s a complete 8 week exercise & nutrition program on DVD! I can workout from the comfort and security of my own living room. 🙂

The set includes 4 DVDs that have:

  • workout videos with Daryl and Terri
  • nutritional advice from Kyra and Kristin
  • PDFs to download the weekly workouts and nutritional handouts
  • video shopping trips
  • and more
Week 1 Workout

Week 1 Workout

I’m going to start on Monday night! I’m going to go back to keeping a daily food journal and will plan to eat 40 carbs or less each day in addition to working out 3xs a week. I’m also looking forward to watching all the nutritional segments with Kyra and Kristin because it will be a refresher course as well as an opportunity to learn some new information. I can’t wait and will be sharing the journey with you!!

If you would like to join me on this journey then please contact the awesome staff at VitalSigns (865) 249.7566 or at Trinity Medical Associates (865) 539.0270 and ask them how you can purchase this 8 week set.

Let the fun begin!!!

– Melody