slide3I have been reflecting on the neuroscience which is giving us deeper insight into the causes and cures of depression and other mental illness. We have a clearer understanding of how obesity and metabolic disease cause inflammation, how inflammation contributes to depression and how changes in diet and exercise along with certain supplements can bring relief. This knowledge is fascinating to me because it points once again to basic (although not easy!) lifestyle changes and natural (functional) therapies as the central factor in treating most chronic disease. We have long known that depression fits this paradigm but now see the underlying physiology more clearly. Please don’t get me wrong! Depression IMG_20140709_091658is multifactorial and it’s causes include what has happened to us in the past or present and much that is out of our control. That part is unfortunate and calls forth compassionate understanding as well as comforting and serving the suffering. It also includes, when appropriate, the encouragement that we can choose our response to mistreatment or misfortune. We can love our enemies, forgive, repay evil with kindness and express gratitude in all circumstances. At VitalSigns, when seeking to prevent or reverse chronic disease we consider the whole person; spiritual, emotional and physical. Failing to pay attention to any aspect results in disappointment, skepticism and sometimes worsening of disease. Returning to my initial point, understanding physiology helps us treat root causes with lifestyle change and functional therapies and that’s what the physicians, nurses and trainers of Trinity/VitalSigns love to do!