It seems that the entire culture is beginning to rebel against the failures of traditional medicine. This is opening the door to all sorts of pseudoscience and dubious “medical providers”. “Functional medicine”, rightly understood, is medicine practiced with attention to the whole person considering all of their complex systems working together and seeking thIMG_20140709_091658eir overall health and functional capacity. When possible, disease is pulled out by the roots rather than superficially pasted over. This approach requires a well trained and certified medical provider. Unfortunately the term “functional medicine” is now used by a variety of alternative practitioners who promote half truths or outright lies. I attended a functional medicine conference last year and was astounded at the range of lectures from evidence based clinically useful information to useless and even harmful practices. Statin drugs were roundly condemned but the suggested “natural” replacements had little to no scientific basis. “Bioidentical” hormone therapy, while having a stronger scientific backing than many are aware, was given too much credit for it’s ability to change one’s life and prevent a myriad of diseases. Leaky gut syndrome, while a valid functional topic and very interesting area of research, was presented in a seminar by way of anecdotes as thedice cause of nearly every disease. (And this by a non-MD practitioner). Warning: this stuff is proliferating everywhere and is preventing it’s victims from getting the help they need and costing them a fortune. Seek true functional care from a medical provider who is board certified and appropriately uses scientific evidence along with experiential wisdom to partner with you in good health. Otherwise you are just rolling the dice.