miller-150x150Somehow life becomes an emergency for many in less than 2 weeks. Or we think it does. Why? SCHOOL STARTS.
To help prevent screaming, gnashing of teeth and the like in the mornings, we have implemented a few things  that may help that morning routine.
Plan to:
organizer1. Wear Clothes: We got this from Amazon Prime for $10 (Organizer Link). My kids are responsible for laying out clothes for the entire week so we make sure we have enough underwear, socks, and we don’t forget who has “Cowboy Day” or a sports practice later in the week.
2. Eat: Breakfast is the most VITAL meal of the day. You know that. Plan for it.
Here is a list of 10 whole food breakfast ideas we rotate:
1. Homemade cereal – (Recipe) I double the batch every 2 weeks for our family of 5. Consider using Amazon Prime Pantry (Pantry) to buy your items in bulk if more cost effective.
2. Organic greek whole milk yogurt with cereal or fruit on top. (consider a low carb yogurt like Carbmaster at Kroger if you are watching your carbs)
3. “Eggs in a basket” – I use Ezekial bread with Omega 3 eggs. Consider a low carb toast like “Healthy Life” or “Sara Lee Delightful”
4. Omelette – I love to make omelettes when we have done a stir fry the night before and have leftover cut veggies.
5. Bacon or Sausage (without sodium nitrite) with an egg cooked any way or fruit
6. Whole wheat banana (or other fruit) pancakes or waffles – (Recipe)  with 100% pure maple syrup. I often double the batch and freeze these for a quick heat up in the microwave on a school morning. Need to pull them out of freezer into fridge the night before.
7. Whole wheat muffins – (Recipe) You can freeze these as well but eat them within 1 month.
8. Homemade protein bars – (Recipe) I have also added 2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa to the peanut butter one to make a treat. Always use natural nut butters where the only ingredients are the nuts and possibly salt. My favorite is Kroger “natural’ brand. Keep upside down in fridge,
9. Whole wheat oatmeal using whole rolled or steel cut oats. May add milk, cinnamon, raw honey, natural nut butter
10.  Whole wheat toast (again I use Ezekial bread but consider a lower carb option if needed) with 2 tbsp. natural nut butter, raw honey, or natural preserves or jam (no added sugar on the label).
What are you eating for breakfast?
We hope you’ve been enjoying our Friday guest post with Kristin Miller, one of our excellent Family Nurse Practitioners and nutrition management counselors at Trinity Medical Associates!