PillsIn attempting to explain the ineffectiveness despite astronomical costs of our medical system, I have pointed to a lack of whole person functional care made worse by an astonishing deficit of scientific knowledge regarding nutrition, exercise and behavior change. The outcome of this is seen in most every medical office around the country. We rely on and overuse medications for diseases which are directly caused by lifestyle. Physicians do not bear total responsibility for this. Patients often demand medications, pharmaceutical companies exert remarkable influence in many ways and doctors fail in their responsibility for oversight and yield to supplementsdemands and nefarious influence. The average diabetic is on 8-9 drugs many of which are very expensive and barely effective. These meds often produce disabling side effects and adverse interactions and occasionally serious harm. Furthermore, being on all these drugs usually reduces the motivation and ability to pursue far more effective behavior change. Instead, we routinely turn out patients with controlled “numbers” (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc…) who are fatigued, overweight and out of shape with weak muscles, depleted bones and arthritic joints….i.e. barely functional! And we call this healthy? It’s time for a change!!!

american-flag-1280I will take Friday off to celebrate the 4th.

Concluding thoughts next week.