Good Afternoon!! We have a guest writer this week … Dr. Angela Schupp is joining us on our blog. She is a well-loved physician in our office and has brought a fresh approach to our practice as she has spent many years meeting the medical needs of the people in Amman, Jordan. This week she shares some personal insights that have helped her, “a recovering foodaholic”, reach and maintain her health goals. Please welcome Dr. Schupp to “The Wellness Doc” blog ~

schuppThink of healthy eating and regular exercise as a new lifestyle that you adhere to for the rest of your life. It is a journey toward becoming well and staying well. It is not a short-term diet or fix. When you are stressed, angry, depressed, bored or anxious, don’t self-medicate with food. Carbs have been found to be about as addictive as drugs, like cocaine, and you can become out of control with your eating and ruin your health. (Highly processed carbohydrates, like breads, chips, cookies, crackers etc. alter brain activity in ways that make us crave them even more). Find something new as your “go-to medication” like prayer, calling a friend, going out for a walk, playing a game etc. Also, ask yourself why you are stressed, anxious, bored, etc. Consider things you can do to alleviate the root cause of these emotions (i.e. forgiving someone, asking forgiveness from someone, going to counseling). Avoid closet-eating” or sneaking food – eating is part of living in community and we need accountability with our eating habits. Don’t use others’ poor eating behaviors to allow yourself to eat poorly, succumbing to peer pressure. Instead, set a good example . . .  to be continued on Wednesday!