In recent posts, I have joined many other scientists and clinicians in an attempt to exonerate saturated fat as the primary cause of heart disease. Having presented some evidence that saturated fat is not “artery clogging”, I intend to share some of it’s health promoting properties. First, however, allow me to head off some common misunderstandings at the pass. The doctors, nurses, trainers and others at Trinity/VitalSigns do not now and have never advised unlimited saturated fat consumption as a way to wellness. Rather we have consistently said that saturated fat, in its natural forms, is a healthy part of a balanced diet. For some reason, correctionsImage-1 such as this tend to get blown out of proportion and suddenly we are eating sticks of butter for breakfast and pork rinds dipped in lard for a snack. Excess consumption of saturated fat almost always occurs when it is combined with carbs. Think French fries, Oreo cookies, birthday cake, biscuits with gravy, anything fried or anything made by Paula Deen. (Okay, I’ll admit, we just went to her new restaurant in Pigeon Forge.)

Honestly, any macronutrient (carbs, fat or protein) manipulated by humans, (picture margarine, white flour, high fructose corn syrup in an industrial drum or soy protein powder) can quickly become a source of bad health. Consider protein for a moment. It is the building block of every tissue as well as of enzymes, neurotransmitters, transport proteins, immunoglobulins etc…. Protein is critical for life. On the other hand, it can cause health problems and even reduced life span if over consumed. Why would it be over consumed? I’ll discuss that next time.