miller-150x150Hi, I’m Kristin,  Family Nurse Practitioner at Trinity Medical. I have done medical nutrition management (TMA – Medical Nutrition Management ) here for almost 4 years but I haven’t lived it for that long.
Sure, our family ate breakfast every day, worked to get our 64 oz of water in, went to fast food restaurants less than 10x/year, exercised when we could, and didn’t keep poptarts and cheetos in the pantry.
We continued to make small changes as I learned and taught new things at work but I continued to dabble in sweets, convenience, and using food as a reward for good behavior at home and school.
It was when I bought a bra for my 7 year old that something drastic had to change. Just like everything, there are multiple variables in precocious puberty (Mayo Clinic – Precocious Puberty) but I knew added sugars, refined- highly processed foods, and hormones were not helping and they had to go.
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It was painful to pack 4 bags full of unused groceries, spend almost 3x our weekly budget on new food those first few weeks, and cut the budget in other areas. I spent 2.5 hours in the grocery store with 3 children the first week… BLESS.
It has gotten easier and less expensive every day.
So what’s it going to take for you and your family? When will it move from head knowledge to action?
I have the tools and correct knowledge now thanks to Trinity Medical Associates.  Correct knowledge is a VITAL tool.
It takes more than knowledge.