Last Wednesday’s post mentioned several of the many positive traits of American medicine. For me, it would be simply wrong to indiscriminately call into question the work of those who have dedicated their lives to producing ever improving scientific medical standards. But there are serious problems which infect our entire system.2013_09_HealthCareCosts11 The following graph makes that very clear…….

In the United States, we spend twice as much or more per person on healthcare than any other developed country. If we had “the best healthcare in the world”, perhaps it would be worth the cost. But that is far from the truth. Our lifespan is close to the bottom and our general health during those years is abysmal. To repeat, we have shorter lives made difficult by numerous chronic diseases: obesity, osteoarthritis, muscle and bone loss, memory loss, tendency to fall……..You get the picture. What on earth is going on? How is all that money being wasted?

Stay tuned.