Happy Monday Y’all!!! So let’s just get this over with … I made it to VitalSigns 2 out of the 3 times I mentioned last week. I went Tuesday and Wednesday night but did not make it Saturday. By the time I made it home Saturday night at 7 pm I was on the verge of tears from sheer exhaustion. I told you it was going to be a busy week for me. The thought of changing clothes and going back out almost had me in a fetal position so I threw up my white flag, ate some dinner, painted my nails and went to bed in order to be rested for church. Now, I do have witnesses that can vouch for my time at VitalSigns. One of the doctors’ and his wife were at the gym on Tuesday night and then a PA was at the gym on Wednesday night! Knowing that I had to check in with you all kept me going this past week so … my plan this week is to be at VitalSigns Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night!

My water intake is better but it’s still not where it should be so that’s at the top of the list for this week! Also, I need to step away from the sweets. It’s amazing how quickly they can invade your life and believe me they are making their presence known all around me. And yes, my appetite returned this week. 🙁 Hahaha! So I need to resolve to be stronger in my self control! 🙂 I don’t mind an occasional treat but not a nightly treat!

Despite my sweet explosion, I am happy to report another 1.6lbs lost this week for total of 22.8 lbs!! Knowing that will also keep me motivated for heading to the gym this week!

My Bible Fellowship (aka Sunday School) Class has been studying on Ecclesiastes for the last few weeks and it’s all about Solomon’s temporal view of life … all he is focusing on is life “under the sun” and it seems pointless because in many ways it is. Without an “over the sun” perspective on life we can become overwhelmed with the ups and downs of life. However, when we know that we have the hope of Eternity and that this life isn’t all there is it can give you a renewed purpose in life. My “under the sun” reason for getting healthy is to merely look and feel good. Yep, it’s that superficial. 🙂 I want to feel pretty. I want to put on clothes and enjoy how they fit. I don’t want to have to hide behind layers if I don’t want to. But my “over the sun” reason for getting healthy is to take care of the body that God has so graciously given me so that I can be of greater service to Him. A healthier Melody leads to a more emotionally whole Melody and a spiritually stronger one too … and if I happen to look good too well then that’s just the icing on the low carb cake!

Have a great Monday!!

– Melody