Maintained two weeks straight at 17.8lbs. While I would like to see some more weight loss I’m ok with maintaining because it tells me that what I am doing is working. It tells me that with my current eating habits I can maintain what I’ve lost without gaining. On every other “diet” that I have done I would have gained at this point. So I’ll can handle maintaining.

My body has been so confused and completely out whack. 2 weeks ago my hormones were merely teasing me. They decided to camp out this week. Happy Early Birthday to Me.

It all makes sense though because my emotions have been so raw and like I shared the other day I was craving chocolate. Well last night that craving hit so hard that I could have eaten a small child if it was covered in dark chocolate. I realize that’s a bit much but men you just don’t understand the power of a hormone craving. It’s unhuman. Almost animalistic in it’s strength. So I was in World Market and started checking all of their chocolate. I was becoming increasingly hostile as I wasn’t finding ANY options!!! I frantically whipped my head around to look at the other aisle across from the display before heading to my nearest Starbucks for something of epic chocolateness when I saw 72% Cacao! Eureka!! I quickly pushed the elderly people out of my way (just kidding) and beelined it to that side of the store. I quickly read all of my options and found these … Godiva Pearls! 8 = 3 net carbs. Glory!!!chocolate It’s just enough chocolate for a quick fix without blowing my carbs for the day like eating a brownie the size of a toddler would have.

I shared most of my heart on Wednesday so I confess I am a little dry right now. I am choosing to focus on the positive and take it one day at a time.

I’ll see you on the other side of 30. Bring it on week 12!! =)