Greetings on this COLD, beautiful, snowy day!!!

I hope you all are warm wherever you may be.  I am happy to report that the weight I gained over New Year’s turned out to be water weight. Ha! I drove 1,016 miles last week and I guess the water just decided to camp out for a few extra days. I’m glad it worked that way because I needed to be able to have my weight fluctuate and see that it’s not going to be the end of the world. In the past when I was on Weight Watchers and L.A. Fitness I would be devastated over any weight gain and I never knew how to change it. Now, I know what my hiccups are and how to correct them. I’m so thankful for that knowledge and that I am able to enter a new year with a new mindset.

I want to spend 2014 focusing on being healthy in my mind, body and soul. With that in mind, I sat down yesterday afternoon and broke down my goals into 7 categories. (The pastor’s kid comes out in me whenever I make any type of lists … be thankful I didn’t try to alliterate them!) I often pray for the first 5 categories when praying for other people and their needs. So I thought I’d start with that but since there are 7 days a week and the number 7 signifies completion I thought I’d add two more categories. I’m excited about my goals for this year and believe they are totally obtainable. Some will be harder than others but I’m excited for the challenge. I want my 30th year to be a year of positive changes and to set the foundation for this new decade I’m entering into.

Every year my pastor, Dr. Hollie Miller, encourages our church to pick a verse for the year. A verse to encourage us, to remind us Who is in control and keep us on track. The Lord has used Romans 8:28 in some very significant ways in my life since I was 22. I started praying in November about what verse the Lord would want me to focus on for 2014. I thought it would be awesome to have this as my verse for the year. So I kept praying about it and the Lord kept bringing it into my life throughout the first of December but I still thought I was probably just making it happen. So right before Christmas I specifically asked the Lord to show me if this was the verse for me. On Christmas Eve, I spent the evening with my best friend and her family. They surprised me with a gift it is a beautiful plaque of Romans 8:28. I knew immediately that the Lord was confirming that this would be my verse for 2014! It was such a sweet blessing.

Romans 828

As I focus on Romans 8:28 throughout the year, my prayer is to approach all the challenges that I will no doubt face as an opportunity to see the Lord use it in my life for His glory. And with that in mind here are my 2014 Resolutions/Goals …

  1. Spiritually – Go deeper in my walk with Christ by reading through the whole Bible, spending more time in prayer and serving others more.
  2. Emotionally – Let myself be vulnerable and cry when I need too. Stop being so hard on myself. Spend time doing things I enjoy – reading, writing, singing, ministering to others, etc.
  3. Mentally – Learn to sew. Work on keeping my voice in shape. Get better at cooking and reading music. Read for enjoyment and to increase my knowledge.
  4. Financially – Be a better steward of my finances. Give above and beyond 10%. Spend less. Save more. Continue to pay off some bills.
  5. Physically – Continue to exercise and get healthy. Take better care of my body. No more tanning beds. What’s the point of working on getting healthy if I’m going to continue to harm my skin?
  6. Morally – Be more cautious of what I’m listening to, watching, reading and repeating with my mouth. Leading a life of purity isn’t simply about abstaining from sex until marriage so there will be some things like movies that I will be throwing away.
  7. Materially – If I want to buy/bring something into my home then that means something needs to either be sold or given away. I’m talking clothes, purses and shoes. It’s time to move forward. Hanging on to my “bigger” clothes just allows me to fall back into old habits. I want to get organized and hanging on to things that I don’t wear or utilize just takes up space and it’s stressing me out! =0)

I pray your year has started out well. Even if it hasn’t we are only 6 days into it and there is plenty of time to turn it around. No matter what your goals are I know you can meet them. My dad has a sermon that he preaches on how “it’s always too soon to quit and it’s never too late to start.” So resolve to start fresh tomorrow and get going. No more dwelling on past failures. It’s a new year! You can do this!! What are your goals for the year?

Blessings …

– Melody