What do you think about New Year’s Resolutions? Is there any point to making them year after year? Don’t we just start the diet, join the gym, vow to get more sleep etc…. only to fall off the wagon by Jan. 15th? Or maybe, as one of my favorite authors recently opined, “it’s just another form of self-help with external controls and no connection to the heart or deeper motives or the needs of others.” For me, the new year has long been a time to review the previous year, learn from mistakes and in some ways start over – a time for failures to be wiped off the slate and successes to be built upon – a time to thank God for his grace as He works in our lives encouraging us, forgiving sin, disciplining us and using trials to build endurance and ultimately maturity. For me, the pursuit of “wellness” is secondary to the pursuit of God’s kingdom. In the words of Jesus, “I must hate my life in this world in order to keep it for eternal life.” If I love my life in this world attempting to live forever in this body, I’m setting myself up for all kinds of misery as the inevitable decline takes it’s toll.
Ok with that as a backdrop here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. I resolve to grow in knowledge of my God as I daily consider his goodness and abundant provision.
  2. I resolve to thank Him daily for the body which he has given me for service.
  3. I resolve to care for this body as a steward of His good gifts.
  • In that regard, I will embrace a challenge as an opportunity to learn more about the effects of healthy diet and to share what I learn.
  • To the best of my ability and knowledge, I will eat a “perfect diet”* for the month of January and write about the challenges and benefits including effects on lab work and other biometrics. I will also sleep 7 or more hours a night.*A diet consisting of nothing without nutritious value, no junk food, extra sugars or fake fats. No ice cream or other snacks at night. No “just making do” at lunch when I do not plan well. No artificial sweeteners or diet drinks. No dessert or bread or sweat tea at bible study. Yes, though eating a generally healthy diet, I have been doing all of those things 🙁 so I should learn a lot, gain some empathy and get healthier!

I would love to hear about your resolutions!