It finally happened … I gained weight. Ha. I gained close to 3lbs but I knew it would happen. The last two weeks finally caught up with me. You can’t be on the go, pick up fast food, sit in the car for hours on end, not exercise, eat Christmas treats and not have it effect you. I loved my time with family. It was worth every mile and the extra weight to see them. =)

However, I will admit that I was ready to get back home and to get back to a routine. I’m ready to give the fast food a break and get back to my simple ways. I’m ready to hit the gym and burn the holidays off! Even with the little bit of weight gain, I am finally at that place where I can “see” the weight loss. My jeans can be pulled on and off without unbuttoning them  … hello, sister here needs a belt! All my tight clothes are fitting loosely now. I’ve actually been able to purchase a few things in a smaller size too. While I have no intentions of buying clothes until I absolutely have to there were a few items that needed to be replaced. So it was nice little boost of encouragement to see some results. Yay! I was also given an early birthday gift of new tennis shoes. I’m ready to put those babies to work!

While I was out of town I did my best to make wise decisions. We had Mexican one night so I ordered the chicken fajitas without the wraps and rice. One night we went to Coletta’s, a pizza place in Memphis, my dad and I both ordered salads and shared a medium “all meat” pizza. I ate ½ of the crust on one of my slices but for the other two slices I just ate the toppings – cheese and meat. It was so good!! I decided to try their bread so my sister in law split one with me.  I should have just followed my 2 year old nephew’s example and just eaten the butter instead.! 🙂 My grandparents took me to the local Chinese buffet in Martin, TN after church so I made sure to get only chicken, mushrooms and crab. My unwise choices were definitely over drinking too many diet drinks, having a couple of Starbucks special holiday drinks, a hamburger bun or two, some french fries and one too many cookies. But it’s nice to know where my mistakes were and how to correct them. The few heavy carbs that I did eat left me unfulfilled and feeling generally gross. I’m ready to get back on track starting today! I made some tuna fish for lunch and roasted some pecans that my granddaddy sent home with me last night. I’ll post my “recipe” for these on the recipe blog.

I’m going to take some time this weekend to figure out what my resolutions/goals are for this year and will share those with you in a few days. I’m thankful for week 7 and for the evidence of lessons learned. I’m ready to show week 8 who’s the boss and get back on the weight loss track.

Happy New Year, Friends!

Blessings …

– Melody