IMG_20141114_2008293 points away … 3 points away from an official Diabetes diagnosis. That’s what this past Friday looked like for me.

When I had my physical back in September my labs were ok. They weren’t perfect but they were alright. So in December I noticed a few weird things going on with my body and then in January I contacted my doctor at Trinity.

I have no more excuses. I was still doing a pretty low carb diet but had slumped back into the habit of picking up fast food for lunch. However, once you’ve done a low carb diet and have seen positive results it’s difficult to eat without thinking about how many carbs it is.

Last year’s journey I believe was about seeing that I could do it and learning to love myself for me. The Lord has been showing me in the last 3 months that it is time that I live in His grace. I need to stop being so hard on myself accept my faults for what they are and move on. This time my focus is strictly health. I’ll confess, last year was also steeped in vanity. I wanted to feel pretty and I wanted to be viewed that way. The Lord was gracious to allow me to see myself as He sees me and I no longer need that affirmation … well at least not at the moment.

Right now, my #1 goal is to NOT receive the diagnosis of Diabetes. My sweet doctor has given me 3 months to get this under control. So it’s another Fit ‘N 90 challenge but I feel like this time I am fighting for my life in a large way. I will be meeting with Kristin for Wellness Counseling in February to have some accountability and I have a friend who has agreed to allow me to work out with her. It’s now friends because never isn’t an option.

I love you all …

Blessings …

– Melody