1.10.14Yep!! 15.8 lbs lost in 7 weeks!!! I’m a little bit excited if you can’t tell. Ha! My goal this week was to lose the 3lbs I had gained over New Year’s which turned out to primarily be water weight. However, there was still 1 more pound that was hanging around at the start of the week. Given the low temps at the beginning of this week I kept my travels to just home and work. So I made a point to do a lot of cleaning at my apartment. I didn’t just sit around while at home for the evening and then finally last night I made it to VitalSigns for a little treadmill time. I needed to break in my new tennis shoes! It was good to be back at it. And I’m ready to take my exercise to the next level. My feet have been doing this weird thing since I started on the treadmill where they will start burning, hurt and feel like they have pins & needles all over them. So tonight I’m going to try a workout video at home and see if it’s the treadmill that is bothering my feet.

As far as my food this week … I kept it really basic. I did make some vegetable soup which averages out to about 9 net carbs per bowl and ate on that every night. I didn’t eat any bread or have any of my low carb wraps. I was told that if you hit a plateau that can be a good way to jump start your system again. I also increased my water intake which I believe made the biggest difference. I still need to be better about eating a more satisfying breakfast in the morning. I believe that will be my goal for this 8th week – to start my morning out with a good breakfast and to be consistent to exercise! I’m 5 weeks from completing the challenge and it doesn’t seem possible. I am one month away from turning 30 and right now I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve got some great goals for this year and I’m off to a great start.

Another thing I want to work on this week is cutting back on the sugar. I have a sweet tooth. I like sweets but not just any old sweets. It needs to be good chocolate, a chunky cookie or a sturdy piece of cheesecake. Speaking of cookies and cheesecake, on my birthday I am going to The Cheesecake Factory so I just want y’all to go ahead and accept that information. 🙂 I will be having some cheesecake for my 30th. Also, this week I thought it wouldn’t hurt to eat one chocolate chip cookie from Chick-Fil-A. It was really good. Then I got back to work and looked at their website … 43 net carbs. That was my entire carb count for the day plus 3! Yikes!!!  Which only confirmed to me why merely “watching what you eat” or  being mindful of your portions doesn’t cut it. 1 cookie had 43 carbs! Most would have eaten at least 2 for a total of 86 carbs and people would have said that 2 is a decent portion. Let me tell you … when I’m hungry my idea of a “healthy” portion looks considerably different than what is actually a normal healthy portion. So that’s another reason why I’m thankful to be counting carbs!! It is so doable! Seriously, friends … it is. I promise the majority of the battle is thinking that you can’t. I mean if you want to start out defeated then you will fail but if you start out taking it one day at a time you will succeed.

Now that I’m 7 weeks into this process I want to share some of the changes I’ve noticed physically … besides the loss of inches … that I can now say aren’t just flukes:

1. I haven’t had a fibromyalgia flare up in over a month.! This is a huge deal for me. I should have been in a fetal position earlier this week with the drop in temperature but nope. No aches! No stiffness! Not even sore. Thank you, Lord!!

2. Energy! I have it now. I have felt better in the last 7 weeks than I have in the last 4 years. I feel like a human again. I feel young. In fact, I feel younger right now than I did at 25. My 89 year old grandmother has had more energy than me for most of my life! I think I could keep up with her now if I had to. 😉 I no longer have to rush to my car at lunch to take a nap. In fact the only days I take a nap are on Sundays and that’s only if I need it.

3. No more sleep meds each night! I had quit taking Ambien before I started this journey but was taking melatonin each night. When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia my rheumatologist thought it would be best for me to have a sleep aid in order to guarantee that I was getting adequate rest. 4 years later I was so dependent on it to let me sleep. I had starting cutting the 10mg pills in 1/2 because I didn’t want to have to rely on medication to help me sleep. After my prescription ran out, I decided to go with melatonin. I told 1.5mgs each night. Then I just took .5mgs  until I ran out. Well I realized that I was falling asleep with out it and staying asleep without it. Another blessing that I am so thankful for!!!

4. Mentally, I feel better. When you wake up each day feeling exhausted, aching all over and like you’ve been hit by a mack truck you don’t want to face the day. You feel old. You feel awful. And you eventually believe that this is how it will be for the rest of your life. There aren’t any other options. Even when I attempted to exercise I didn’t feel any better or the results were merely short term. I truly believe you have to start from the inside out. Change the way you look at food, how you eat, how you exercise and you will change your life. I promise!

Well, folks that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m going to look into some recipes to try for this weekend and will let you know how those go.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Blessings …

– Melody